Comedy Shorts

G.I. Hospital


Started the festival circuit  8/11/2016.

Already in 22 festivals and won three awards!

A group of wounded veterans are okay with their injuries because it was "for our country." Until one guy asks,  "What does that really mean, anyway?"

Accepted into 21 festivals since 9/15,/2016.

One award for Best Comedy, plus...
8-year-old Kobe Humphries wins "Best Actor Under 18"!

Six-year-old Joey wants to be a doctor or a firefighter when he grows up, but his parents keep explaining that he has to be a soldier, and kill people.

Dear Commander Biff

A series of 20 two-minute episodes in which the good commander explains war to civilians. I've shot one, and will be shooting the rest after polishing the writing. In episode #1 Biff explains that "War is hell. Unless you're in the Navy...and then it's fun."

Here's Your Flag

Shot November 9, 2016.
Now in postproduction.

A military officer arrives at a woman's house to announce that her son, who just enlisted yesterday, will die in battle. But she'll get some medals and a flag.

We Saved Private Ryan

Shot November 10, 2016.
Now in postproduction.

It's WWII, and Captain Hodges shows up on the doorstep of Mrs. Ryan to give her the good news that one of her four alive! Of course, the other three are dead, but the good captain thinks Mrs. Ryan is looking at the glass 3/4 empty.

Block This Caller

Shot December 17, 2016

Now in postproduction.

Based on Mark Twain's observation that:
“All war must be just the killing of strangers against whom you feel no personal animosity; strangers whom, in other circumstances, you would help if you found them in trouble, and who would help you if you needed it.”
An Arab and an American meet randomly in the desert, and receive cell phone calls from "the powers that be" suggesting that each one kill the other because of their nationality.

A Man in Uniform

Shot December 18, 2016

Now in Postproduction

An Air Force captain waiting at an elevator is approached by a sexy woman who tells him she just loves a man in uniform. He receives the compliment humbly, but then she adds that she thinks the uniform is a symbol of his power to kill another person with impunity, that he'll kill when he gets the chance, because being a killer is part of who he is. It's in his heart. She says all these things in admiration, but suddenly he's not so sure he likes these "compliments."


Shooting February 2017

Sadly, the U.S. military has some cadences—chants by drilling soldiers—that are racist and inhumane. This film uses humor to bring that to light, and to spotlight the absurdity of seeing "other" as "inhuman," so that soldiers can feel okay about killing their fellow human beings.

The Button

Shooting February 2017.

A young man at the recruiting office is told that PTSD is a thing of the past, because now we just kill our enemies with the touch of a button.

Town Meeting

Shooting March 2017.

Two government officials offer a town new jobs. The catch is that the jobs entail killing women and children. The townspeople raise a few objections, but quickly sign up after assurances such as "the children don't look like your children, and they live very far away."