Writing / FiLmmaking

After being involved in the magic of filmmaking for a few years, I began to write short films. Not to make roles for myself (although later I would), but just because stories kept coming to me, and my experience in other people's films had shown me that it was possible—with help from some of the many friends I had made working on other projects—to turn my stories into films!


Since my very first short film, Comagirl, in 2009, I've written and directed 17 shorts. I've written a few dozen more shorts that are as yet unproduced (mainly just because I just write so darn many!), as well as countless comedy sketches, and a feature-length comedy.


Recently I've turned my attention to shooting a series of anti-war comedy shorts, which I began writing around 2010. I'd love to shoot everything, but one must prioritize. I am also working on a feature-length anti-war film, but it's not the first feature I expect to have produced.


Since 2009 I've written a few dozen short films (and shot 18), several dozen comedy sketches, a handful of songs, and one feature film, with others in progress. A few select scripts are listed here.